We don’t really know how old she is, and she claims she doesn’t remember either. When you ask her she says,

'I have been caused to live by the deep conditions of the universe to which I am humbly and deeply grateful.'

Which is not answer, so you ask her again, and she says,

'Hmm, yes, I suppose that's so… I haven't counted for so long…'

So then you ask her when her birthday is, and she says,

'Hmm…I don't really remember being born…'

And if you pester her some more and ask her how long she’s been alive, she says,

'I've always been here as far as I remember.'

- Ruth Ozeki


"Have you ever…been in love, before?" he asked, gradually—and embarrassment had quite reddened his pale cheeks.

"I have," she replied curtly, and set down her tea cup to the saucer on the floor, "You see, I am having an affair with the sun."

"The son…?"

"The sun. I long for my fingertips and my chest, and my hair to be makeshift capsules of light. I desire it so, but I can never quite curl my grip around the beams there… Almost in the same way a mistress yearns for another’s husband. Oh!" she cried, wrapping her arms tightly around her skeletal frame and waltzing toward the open window. "I do so adore the sun."

He watched her back curiously from the leather arm chair. He could barely hear her when she pleaded mournfully to the horizon,

"…don’t go away." She paused, and continued as soft as the tear that went down her cheek: "I wanted to be a nun. So that I could at least belong to the One who made the sun."

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King Charles at the Piano Photography by Robin Bharaj
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Ivory Road
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You are the fire and I’m the chimney
You’ll burn away and I’ll choke on your memory
All the words, my sense, you’re the poet to my pen
You’re the dream that brings the morning sadness
Start the day storm in my head

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